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How to care for your dried & preserved flower arrangement

Preserved & dried flowers have a general shelf life of upto 1 year, however if cared for correctly they may last much longer (they will however fade over time.)

There is no expiration date for flowers that have been dried or preserved. While many claim they will last indefinitely, their appearance & longevity actually depend on environmental conditions & handling:

High humidity, moisture & windy conditions will shorten the shorter the lifespan. 

For best results handle with care 

—All floral materials will age differently, some may age quicker than others, they do shift, curl & bend with age. 
—Dried & preserved flowers & foliage are delicate and can easily be crushed so handing should be minimal.
—Keep out of direct sunlight, away from air conditioning or heating ducts, windy or humid conditions.
—Display away from damp or wet areas like bathrooms

—Dried flower arrangemenets do not require water

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